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Velo is one of world’s largest bicycle seat manufacturers. Their saddles, handlebars, handlebar wraps, and various other parts have become the top choice for professional riders and Tour de France contenders. For 36 years, Velo has been the OEM of choice for big international brands, but the profit margin has always been significantly low. Although with a multitude of patented technologies and a complete production line, they were not experts on how to establish and expand their own brand. In 2014, DEM began to collaborate with Velo as a brand and design consultant by infusing an aesthetic experience and a perceptive value. In order to make some noise in the Taiwanese bicycle parts market, the soul of the brand must be created through a new line of designs and innovative events.


Our team at DEM offered new methods of operations, branding, marketing, and designs to progressively restructure their brand image and create a brand value. On the operational side, a new logo was designed with the slogan, “complete your ride,” to emphasize the importance of core bicycle parts for an optimal riding experience.

Using the 36 years of Velo’s professional experience as a basis, we devised five categories to match the various needs for riders of any level using distance, frequency, type, technology, and speed.

“The world’s first 110cm” became the new brand expression to represent the height of the saddle and to inspire the potential and accomplishments of Velo users. With Velo’s saddles, everyone can turn mediocrity to excellence through diligence, focus, and professionalism, which also epitomizes the corporate spirit of Velo.

For the marketing side, VELO Lab was launched to create a new brand experience for users through pop-up shops with the latest interactive technology. The riding experience and the customization services can bring comfort and reliability to consumers, while also allowing them to experience the hard work and fine craftsmanship of Taiwanese local brands. Velo will be the first among Taiwan’s bicycle parts competitors to attempt this strategy.

As for new product designs, Velo’s new Angel line was also entrusted to us. In the past, Velo’s products only emphasized on the technical end, while neglecting the importance of aesthetics. With a fashionable exterior design and clean curvatures, the product’s premium quality could be determined with a simple glance.


Velo’s current line of products was also improved with aesthetic adjustments using visual symbols to add cultural values to each saddle. Using the goat sign of the Chinese zodiac and the five elements to release a line of limited edition saddles would allow consumers to choose their very own lucky charm. Among them, the goat totem saddle was inspired by the Chinese goat character and laser engraved to illustrate the snout of a goat. In addition, two ears were added to the back to enhance the effect, which also allows the saddle to become the focus of attention.


In the 2015 Taipei International Cycle Show, the new Velo was unveiled to the world with an interactive saddle device that became the focus of attention.


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