TUANTUAN  Boutique – Fun 4 Project 

The client owns a boutique exclusive shop in Taipei, hoping to design toys for children by classic and fashion elements. Living in the era full of video games, we’ve long forgot the pure joy that we used to have. The traditional toys such as bamboo dragonflies, whipping tops, kendamas and shuttlecocks nowadays have become cheap and unpopular. For DEM, the challenge is not about bring back the fashion, but giving them new meanings and value. Re-characterize the faces of traditional toys meanwhile bring back the cultural tradition that almost disappear. By connecting with our child hood memories, we innovated the meaning of “play” in this era.


Using different material, color and size but remain the original appearance of the toys. We decreased the size and colored black and white. When spinning, the flowing lines and curves give the toys life.

As a specialty, the top of the shuttlecocks is decorated by cushion materials rather than traditional feather in order to present a beautiful blooming.

The package is designed in stripes of black and red to emphasize modernity of the toys. When opening, the cross of stripes created a special visual. With the wording “let’s” printed no the box, the meaning of “let’s play” is fully passed to the owner.


Four spirits for four seasons:

Whipping tops – leap of Spring Bamboo dragonflies – rise of Summer

Shuttlecocks  – turn of Autumn

Kendamas – rest of Winter

Bring Western modern into Eastern tradition, the toys were created to cope with different stage of life and different occasions.

The products were exclusively sold by the bookstore leading brand – Eslite, considered as a high confident movement as a Taiwanese book store.


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