Shin Kong Cinemas – Brand visual & space reform planning

Shin Kong Cinemas has officially become a subsidiary of SHIN KONG Business Group since 2013, and initiated the rebranding project. The first phase of the reforming project started from the CIS design, space identity system, reforming design of Tai-Chung and Tai-Nan Cinemas. The client expected to refresh the market as long as to strengthen the brand identity through the repositioning and new visual image plans.


The comprehensive, one-time-only reforming service, including brand positioning, LOGO CI, brand VI system, indicator signs design, opening ceremony design, AR interactive device design. DEM provided a total solution for the brand reforming plan in full perspectives; meanwhile, we’re responsible for execution supervising. Four weeks before the grand opening, we also assisted the client negotiating the execution contract and provide effective solutions in a limited time.


Cinemas are usually taken as business oriented. However, those on the market also forgot that the cinema is actually a living platform, which can enhance watching movie becomes a living necessity by connecting with customers’ living. “Not just a movie theater” is the new market position that DEM defined for SHIN KONG Cinema. Furthermore, we used “a break from reality” as the tone to communicate with the market. Thus, we built a brand value with emotion connection meanwhile created a branding difference of cinema culture, constructed the beauty between commercial theater and cultural living, presented an unique and diverse charm. Everything we created enabled SHIN KONG Cinema to approach living with entertainment and advance the entertainment.


In the CI design, we tried to dig in the definition of movie culture, and, “human” is the essence we figured out for movies. Starting from the expressions of joy and sorrow to design and tell the relation between movie and human, the stories played in the theater are actually our life stories. We all experienced phases of life in the theater. And we expected that theater can simplify back to a medium of movies, to narrate the stories of us and the city.



Setting modularized designs as the main idea, we connected 360 degree perspective designs and imbedded cultural thinking. Local culture of the city and people are presented in illustration of space visual, product packages and other VI designs to build a lively and easy-to-understand theme. We discarded unnecessary decorations or light-boxes to reform the space into a free and easy place. An interactive photo booth was installed to connect the movie theme and social networks (Facebook). Customers then can have a unique experience and extend their memory from the cinema to their living experience. The brand impression is increased through the simple reform of the space quality.


To create business opportunities for a channel brand, the reform of SHIN KONG Cinema focused on budget allocation and resource usage. Thus, DEM planned extended brands – “G shop” and “G Café” for SHIN KONG Cinema to unite and stimulate more opportunities. Meanwhile, considering modern people tend to use shorter phrases due to instant communication applications, we also came up colloquial phrases for the gathering point – “句點” in order to cooperate with the SHIN KONG brand series. Furthermore, we expect it becomes a new living idiom and replaces traditional branding slogans.


2014/ 4/22 Grand opening of Tai-Chung Cinema

2014/6/25 Grand opening of Tai-Nan Cinema