UNISON Developing Co., Ltd. –

  brand visual plan and design of  EMBRACE Life Park.

“EMBRACE Life Park” was founded by the founder of UNISON Developing Co., Ltd, Chen-Feng Chen. Unlike traditional image of grave yards, the park was created from the perspective of life memorial. By expanding the definition of life, the life park proposes that death is not the end of life. We made efforts in software and hardware to position the park as an infinite bridge between the living and the passed. This is a park of memorial, so as a paradise of mortals. Through combining life and art, we can honor those who we miss in our own way.


DEM has always been aggressive and optimistic in new fields. For the participants of this project in 2009, the greatest challenge was not just how to reform the brand, but to break though ourselves and discuss the life-death topic with an open mind.

The grave yard is not a product easy to understand. The team started as amateurs. After researching, consulting with mentors, we finally truly understand the new definition of grave yards from our client. “Grave yards are not only for those who passed. The greater meaning lies in a medium for living to pay respects, to comfort the living meanwhile to bring peace to the passed.” Thus, the process of internalization was the greatest challenge for DEM team.

Brand naming, LOGO, VI design of park indicators


– Infinite love

– Inherit through embrace

The first embrace was tuned as the sense. The warmth of earth was pinned as design theme. The peace underground was positioned for marketing. Respect by owning was set as the pricing strategy.


VI design of park indicators

Our team used simple lines to merge traditional five elements with infinity. Furthermore, we transform the designed elements into energy for tourists. Through new visual presentation, elements of nature have changed the plants in the park into a sign of halt, to remember in our minds and take away with us.

Design concept – ever circulating

Triangle is an image of stability. It’s also the beginning of circulation of the five elements. Hence, the indicators were set by the basis of 5 elements colors.

Furthermore, it contains an idea of ever circulating and infinite rebirth. With no end or stop, the end of one path is the beginning of another side.


Product Design