China Unionpay – MiniPay 

MiniPay Product Appearance Design & APP UI Design

China UnionPay’s MiniPay is designed for various types of online payment and has become one of the main paying channels for Chinese consumers. However, due to the booming increase in consumer activity, the security of online payments has become a more concerning issue. Countless information leaks of credit cards have caused a great loss in the amount of users.


To cope with the trend of online payments, China UnionPay solved the security problem for its card holders by using advanced technology to decrease the worries of online payments by launching a innovative paying product. Users can pay with the multifunctional terminal card reader and IC card online without opening an online bank account. Purchases, transfers, bills, deposits, inquiries and other functions have become safe and easy. In the future, services like multiple account deposits, e-cash balance inquiries, public utility payments, e-coupons, e-tickets, and digital certificate downloads will also be provided.


To advance from the first generation card reader to this new innovated product, MiniPay, two types of new card readers have been designed into a fashionable and minimalistic style. To fulfill the demand for multi-platform usage, the APP UI design for smart phones was developed based on user experience. We aimed to help China UnionPay introduce its new product into the highly competitive Chinese online payment market.

Through constant communication and discussion with the client, the product appearance was designed to be user-friendly: China UnionPay being in lead of the cash flow industry along with their connection to cultural aspects. The experience design of the financial function APP UI was based on rational demands: to answer to the users’ habits and to be user-friendly enough to reach the users’ expectations quickly.

The essence of MiniPay:

Financial planning and management was set as the primary demand to answer to the needs of both parties. We started from the essence of business: planning and management as the core design ideal combined with personal identities and currencies to develop the whole concept.

The essence of China UnionPay is to provide thorough service for financial planning and controlling. Just like the idiom of a golden toad holding a jade, this traditional Chinese image indicates the purpose is to protect wealth and create opportunities for customers. The deposit service is meant to provide customers with a broad scale of financial services and to assist them in achieving their goals, while passing down a legacy.

MiniPay products accompany the customers to go through a fast-paced lifestyle, while demonstrating their identity and taste through a cultural base.


Super Thin MiniPay

握蟾銜如意”Golden toad holding a coin”

Toads are considered as a lucky creature in Chinese culture due to the similar pronunciation to wealth. A toad holding a coin in its mouth further indicates attracting fortune and wealth.

The model is designed into a golden toad. The opening (attract) and closing(capture) of the device is also inspired by the feature of toads. The coins are design into an ancient style. With several coins connected together, symbolizes the fortune comes one after another.


Multi-interface MiniPay


Calabashes represent endless generations because of the stretching vines. The pronunciation is also similar to wealth in Chinese. The shape of small mouth and big body represents fullness. The model and appearance design is inspired by Calabashes to imply a meaning of saving wealth.

Traditionally, calabashes are used as containers after drying. The yellow color after drying is connected to luckiness. As a result, the device is design in gold as main color, with veins on the buttons surface to enhance the visual of calabashes.

To merge traditional Chinese culture with information technology, vermilion of luckiness and delustre gold of mature are decorated with the sphere shape.


福祿壽喜 金元四方”Boat shaped sycee”

The paper-cut sycee pattern paired with the calabash design enhances wealth and fortune together.

The sycee put in four directions represents to collect wealth from all around.

Multi-interface MiniPay

紅袍掛紫綬”Red robe with purple ribbon”

Wearing red robe and purple ribbon is a traditional image of honor and advancement. The red robe has a similar pronunciation to red envelope, which indicates luckiness. In ancient Chinese empire, people would be given red robe and purple ribbon when being ranked a high position. In this design, we use red robe of fortune as the symbol to develop further concept and detail meanings. The red robe of fortune is presented in countless visual changes through the using and operating of device.


APP UI design

We’ve developed the UI on Apple iOS and Android. Based on the demands of the target audience: convenience and safety, the mobile payment product structure was further developed. On the other hand, considering that several edition of MiniPays will be developed in the future, and the usage cycle of APP UI. The financial function remains to be the core concept of the application. To do so, a flat design with minimalistic style, clear structure, close to living and easy to understand is focused as the principles.


The MiniPays – Super Thin and Multi-interface designed for China UnionPay and the cooperated APP UI design are first presented in the partner agreement conference on December 2014. During the conference, the new designs were highly commented. Not only the launching plan being expected, but also a perfect demonstration of China UnionPay’s ambition of online payment market.

2014年12月 中國上海 金融智慧卡合作夥伴會議


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