FamilyMart -Event Marketing Figurines & Mascot Design

Our team at DEM believed that in order to surpass Hello Kitty’s level, figurines needed to have a local flavor to touch the hearts of consumers. Therefore, we strongly emphasized Taiwan’s spirit and local culture as the primary design concept for the first series of figurines. Nevertheless, under the influence of traditional customs, the need for spiritual comfort had increased throughout the years and has become a trending lifestyle.

Consequently, the first step was to design a series of Taiwanese mythical gods that would correspond to the Kidult culture and trend. Each character had a unique style that would also communicate the traditional culture to the younger generation.

Hao Shen Figurines: 1st Generation、2nd Generation、3rd Generation


Taiwanese Aborigine Baseball Theme


Pili Glove Puppetry Theme


Heartwarming Bear

The heartwarming bear was the designated endorsement for FamilyMart’s warm beverages. The furry texture along with the button eyes represents a warm hug and connection in the hopes of FamilyMart being portrayed as a caring and warm convenient store.



The FamiPort character was designed in 2008 to be the face of FamilyMart and to portray a more charismatic personality.

The concept was to create an ambassador that would solve all inconveniences in life, which was inspired from everyone’s desire in a more convenient lifestyle. Normally hidden in various corners of every FamilyMart, FamiPort would always appear in time to serve you when needed!


The first wave of Hao Shen figurines set the record of being redeemed over four million times in Taiwan, which also helped FamilyMart reach a sales revenue record of one billion NTD in a single quarter. By 2007, FamilyMart had already surpassed its competitors and established a milestone in the figurine-redemption trend. CommonWealth Magazine also awarded FamilyMart with the 2007 eMarketer award with the following statistics—over one hundred thousand short-clip views online, over forty thousand mobile app downloads, around four hundred thousand wallpaper downloads via MSN, over four hundred thousand website visits, and over ten thousand new memberships. In addition, the Hao Shen ringtone reached the top of the list in downloads under TaiwanMobile.