COMEBUY – Brand logo redesign, Brand image short film, Brand consultant

COMEBUY is one of the leading hand-shaken tea brands in Taiwan and has over 160 chain stores.


In the past ten years, COMEBUY has focused on investing in developing quality and unique hand-shaken tea products, while also building a professional sales model. In the recent two years, COMEBUY has also been entering the international market, sprouting franchises in Asia, America, and Europe. As for the next stage: creating a stronger foundation in Taiwan and expanding globally will require an investment in soft power – incorporating strategic and systematic brand innovation and management, allowing the brand and its content to be competitive in the global arena.

Initially, using a 3 year target, COMEBUY will use the following actions to strengthen its brand value and increase consumer favor along with an increased market penetration rate.



Taiwan: to become the first hand-shaken tea brand that communicates a lifestyle that represents a fun, perceptual narrative to interact with their clients. This, in turn, strengthens the brand image and reputation by creating a larger gap between competitor values.

Global: with an international brand image and a complete brand module system to build Taiwan’s first lifestyle hand-shaken tea brand and leading franchise chain.


Brand Visual Identity Redesign


Using the most iconic boba or bubble milk tea as COMEBUY’s new visual identity concept. Boba milk tea not only is COMEBUY’s primary product, but also the origin of Taiwan’s hand-shaken tea industry. Using the seven hues of the rainbow for the tapioca to represent the energy, passion, and effect of the new COMEBUY in becoming the leader in Taiwan’s hand-shaken tea market.


Design Concept: Taiwan Roots, Touching All; One cup of COMEBUY to connect the world.

Brand Image Short Film (Online and In-store)

We used the utensils needed for the production of a cup of hand-shaken tea as instruments, along with a beatbox performance, to emphasize COMEBUY’s youthful and energetic fervor.

Brand Observation & Analysis

Our team had to conduct a SWOT analysis and trend report for the current hand-shaken tea market in order to pinpoint a new brand development opportunity and strategy direction.

Complete Brand Strategy

+  New business model: to target a new audience and create Taiwan’s first lifestyle hand-shaken tea store, COMEBUY TestLab.

Integrate Brand Blueprint

+  Brand Position: Fun drinks and more.

+  Brand Value: Brand, Product, Marketing Value

+  Sensory ID: Brand music and short film production proposal

COMEBUY HOLIDAY Seasonal Marketing Strategy, Proposal, and Execution Plans

+  Seasonal (Summer) Marketing Communication Strategy Plan

+  Ghost Month Event Marketing Plan

+  Creative Event Concept Development

Brand level –Using characters and stories to deliver the new brand identity and increase the interactions between the brand and their patrons.
Sales level – Using a new product line, brand accessories, and marketing method to increase summer sales.
Channel level – Complete platform proposal: PR, in-store, website.


A. TestLab

  • The first COMEBUY TestLab was launched in December, 2012, while the flagship store was launched in June, 2013, at ATT 4 Fun.
  • An employee education program was also initiated to build teamwork and create a better workplace environment.
  • Customer satisfaction was improved and the brand popularity was increased.

B.  Seasonal Marketing

  • For the Ghost Month marketing promotions, our team designed the BoneBone mascot, which was a publicity success that had an estimated worth of nine million NTD.
  • The first edition BoneBone became out of stock quickly due to its popularity.
  • There also was an obvious growth in sales compared to any previous years.

Media report

蘋果日報 2013.07.23 蔣友柏請喝鬼東西


中國時報 2013.07.23 蔣友柏 x COMEBUY 搞鬼快樂頌


工商時報- 2013.08.08 化鬼為商機 消費市場衝買氣