8% ice – Brand Visual Identity Design

Hoja’s first business model was using the concept of a “culinary lifestyle” to create a new cooking class experience called 4F Cooking Home. In 2013, Hoja created a second business called 8%ice, and in order to continue the Hoja brand’s spirit, the initial focus was on branding and brand image designs. To devise an atypical ice cream parlor operating procedure, the hope was to combine space, art, and gourmet foods to create a world with no limits.


The challenge for this project was to help our client, a Le Cordon Bleu alumni and chef, to establish a brand value in the ice cream specialty store market that would match accordingly to his ideals. Therefore, DEM’s team had to familiarize themselves with the history and production process in a very short time to provide a solution that would both satisfy the needs of the market and our client.

Many Taiwanese ice cream parlors tend to emphasize on a pleasurable atmosphere with a chic image. However, 8%ice wanted to also focus on the quality of the ingredients and the details that were often neglected, such as the ambiance, utensils, and aroma. Paying careful attention to these details would reflect the heart they’ve put into their ice cream. Our team also created the slogan, “Touched Infinity” and “eye x ice” to illustrate the brand’s core ideal of having infinite possibilities in unique flavors and finding the perfect balance between art and taste.


For the BI naming design, we defined the soul of the brand as ICE DNA (Infinity + Chic + Excellence), which inspired the name, 8%ice. This logo represents the infinite combinations of ice cream ingredients through a precise mixing process that would create a boundless experience for their customers. Furthermore, this logo defies the general logic behind visual designs by creating a two-dimensional visual through a three-dimensional space.


For this project, designing the brand visual identity was only the beginning. Along with some marketing strategies, 8%ice became popular in no time with excellent reviews online and was even selected as one of the world’s top ten must-visit ice cream parlors by A Day Magazine.

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