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Project management position

Job description:
• To find out client’s market needs and trend.
• Set up clear goal and milestone of the project, precisely evaluate the project during process.
• Dedicate on project execution and manage the timeline/ resources.
• Require time management skill, presentation skill, teamwork , cost conscious , make sure the project closure process also fallow up on AR.
• Maintain the clients relationship and client satisfaction.
• Work closely with BD team and assist on BD process to achieve revenue and profit target.
• Work closely with design team.

Desired skills and experience:
• 3 years of marketing and project management experience. consulting services / professional services field experiences is plus.
• BS or MS degree in business or marketing field.
• Strong Project management Skill (Ex:excellent time and budget management skills).
• With good knowledge of product/brand development process.
• Basic design knowledge is required.
• Motivated to understand Branding and Marketing know how.
• Basic acknowledge in contract negotiation.
• Good sense of fashion/ luxury brand industry.
• Open mind with good listening skill.

BD / Sales position

Job description:
• Dedicate on Business Development and reach the sales and profit target.
• To develop business strategies and increase DEM market share.
• Manage sales forecast and sales pipeline.
• Evaluate and understand client insight and needs /marketing strategies, also identify the most effective cost and message internally.
• Remained relationship with client ( customer satisfaction).

Desired skills and experience:
• 3 years of sales and BD experience. consulting services / professional services field experiences is plus.
• BS or MS degree in business or marketing field.
• Have an instinctive feeling about future market opportunity.
• Have good communication and presentation skills.
• Strong understand of business, have good knowledge of branding, marketing, as well as design process.
• Be able to work well with a wide range of talent people from different parts of the business.
• Be positive and active about business development and cold call.
• Be able to work well under pressure.

Creative / Design position

Job description:
• Creative / Designers are responsible for communicating with clients, identifying project goals and developing creative strategies that accomplish all client goals.
• To make decisions to ensure best design experience and quality during service delivery cycles.
• Need to be capable of bringing their vision to life using the latest design trend through hands on execution and collaborative team direction.
• Work closely with PM team, responsible on delivery high quality design projects and on time deliver the project.
• Work closely with BD team, assist on BD process.
• Assist and charter creative strategy road map of the company.
• Business mindset with capability of translate creativity into commercial.

Desired skills and experience:
• 3 years of design experience. Ability to execute and communicate high concept design initiatives.
• Comprehensive understanding of design tool (for graphic designer : Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash……)(for industrial designer: Pro-E, Rhino, keyshop, coreldrow…… ).
• For Graphic designer: Experience as creative within branding, commercial, advertisement projects.
• For Industrial designer: Experience as designer within branding, commercial goods, product development, electronic goods.
• For Interior (or architect) designer: Experience as designer within branding, commercial area, residential project.
• For Multi-media/ UI/ interactive creative designer: Experience as designer within branding, commercial, art, event project.
• Strong understanding of design best practices. Exceptional design style with focus on typography, composition, photography or 3D modeling (rendering), materials, molding, production process and color schemes.
• Motivated to understand and execute current design trends.
• Strong interpersonal skills, with a focus on open collaboration within a team atmosphere.
• Articulate and confident in support of all design decisions Not afraid of stairs or medicine balls.
• BS or MS degree in Creative field (Graphic design/ product or industrial design/interior/new media).
• Open mind with good listening skill.


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