As communication between consumers and the market enters a new era,
DEM Inc. has also made advancements to welcome the era of DEM GOOD
Generation Of Original Design for the era of “IDEA” Formation

As DEM pioneers new brand trends in the Greater China region, it has also positioned itself as the voice of the brand. We boldly attempt various innovative channels to communicate with the consumers directly, and we never blindly follow the established norms of the brand. In the future, we will be dedicated to creating and developing new marketing channels as well as new contact points with consumers, thereby building an active platform to voice to the market.

Brand experience represents its all-round feelings felt by consumers. In order to take consumers to the new era, DEM Inc. has especially established a new department to carter for needs and services in this regard. Since the new field entails new brand communication strategies, we will create various channels including virtual reality interaction, social networking websites, online media or new interactive approaches as the priority consideration for DEM Inc.’s current phase of development

Our collaboration with Japan’s TEAM LAB has opened up yet another GOOD chapter in the decade since DEM Inc. was founded. We are willing to develop unique and new techniques to implement brand strategic recommendations based on this platform by devoting all our existing resources. The aim is to bridge connections with more strategic partners on a deeper level and foster the crossover development of an alliance platform.
In terms of business innovation, DEM Inc. contemplates broad creative possibilities for our clients instead of individual transformations or applications. The severity of the deconstruction and construction of business profit models, changes in strategic deployments and innovation has the potential to subvert the market and revolutionize existing business thinking.
As far as DEM Inc. is concerned, design involves a logical sequence of events after considering every aspect, including vision, form, structure, use behavior, story, psychological adaptation and comprehension. Consequently, design should involve creating an outstanding first impression and user experience, because to strike a chord with the consumers and touch their hearts is even better than having good looks or functionality.
With the experience we have accumulated over the past decade, DEM Inc. is still very much flourishing on the market, because we are constantly evolving and advancing to new mediums to communicate with the consumers. In so doing, we are able to design and create “meaningful” new experiences rather than blindly pursuing trivial new experiences.
DEM Inc. specializes in combining Eastern cultural tales with Western fashion designs in order to communicate authentic local sentiments via an international perspective. On the other hand, we are also apt at employing local sentiments to present international fashion. At DEM Inc., we are able to extend our message from person-to-person to market-to-market, thereby creating communications with crossover values.