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從玉的特性中,找到「中華之最」的陳述點,把「震旦」兩字的原點作為品牌的基石。再藉由廣告形象的模組化、文化形象的推廣和設計語言的定位、展場的互動方式創新與具高度的新通路結合,讓震旦成為兩岸辦公設備的領導品牌。Corporate Intro//

AURORA Group is an enterprise with more than 45 years of experience. Although it boasts abundant resources and performance, its brand reputation in China still needs to be strengthened, while its brand sprit also requires more distinctive positioning.


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Using the World Expo Shanghai as an opportunity, the aim is to sculpt adequate brand positioning, image and stature for the enterprise’s next 45 years.

Within the characteristics of jade, we have extracted the idea of “Best in China”, where the word AURORA is used as the cornerstone of the brand. Furthermore, through the modularization of advertisement image, promotion of cultural image and positioning of design vocabulary combined with innovative showroom interaction and prominent new channels, AURORA will become the leading brand for office equipment in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.