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原點三拍(3ㄫ)」走的是平價的潮流時尚路線,各式點心外型精緻、包裝精美,是送禮的好選擇。而「湯普(TOP)」則是走趣味好玩的路線,推出顛覆傳統的麵包,帶給消費者莫大的驚喜。此雙品牌一推出因其引人注目的話題性。Corporate Intro//

Fast Food Co., Ltd. began as the dominant producer of convenient store foods. It is now a quintessential manufacturer in the Taiwanese bakery industry, and the firm’s production techniques have formed a sophisticated structure through years of experience accumulation. DEM Inc. was invited to take part in the reform of the bakery industry and innovation in the dessert world. By integrating bakery craftsmanship and top talent internally, it is hoped to meticulously create a fashion dessert brand that is authentically Taiwanese! When people in Taiwan are mesmerized by Sadaharu AOKI’s Macaron, how will the domestic dessert products find their own niche? How can one introduce a sense of fashion into traditional flavored desserts? These are the main challenges and targets of the collaboration between DEM Inc. and Fast Food Co., Ltd.


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Currently, DEM Inc. has created a double brand for Fast Food Co., Ltd. The 3Pai-top takes a trendy, fashionable approach which is also affordable at the same time; the exquisite design and packaging of the various desserts make them the perfect choice as gifts. Meanwhile, the TOP brand adopts a fun and interesting approach to launch unconventional bread and bring about surprises for consumers. Due to the attention drawn by the double brand during its launch, together with the product’s rich, innovative new texture and aesthetics, the specialty store, which was opened in 2010, grew from merely two branch stores to having a comprehensive online shopping mechanism; the venture will soon celebrate the grand opening of its third store.