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事務用品由logo沿伸出的曲折線與深咖啡色企業色塊貫穿。Corporate Intro//

Naturally Vast Fragrance was established in November 2005; it is an original agricultural brand which propagated onto the Internet. From selection of food ingredients to the final product, Naturally Vast Fragrance scrutinizes each process stringently; since its establishment, it has relied on itself for production and sales without any assistance from the marketing channels. Nevertheless, it has successfully risen to become the leading brand of concentrated chicken broth on the Internet with annual sales of over NT$200 million. Since the online market is growing more mature, Naturally Vast Fragrance became concerned with the lack of brand identity, therefore the firm invited DEM Inc. in April 2009 to conduct overall enhancement of the brand logo and packaging


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Enterprise logo

DEM Inc. expresses the concept of impression and trust through the true type font; products imprinted with Naturally Vast Fragrance’s enterprise logo will establish the greatest sense of trustworthiness with consumers. The slender font is chosen to connect the three words of Naturally Vast Fragrance, echoing the exquisite engravings on window lattices in ancient China, as well as embellishing the Oriental culture which Naturally Vast Fragrance is so proud of. The logo design is endowed with an upright enterprise feel, which demonstrates simplicity with a touch of variation, thereby imprinting the enterprise logo of Naturally Vast Fragrance onto the consumers’ hearts.

Concentrated Chicken Broth Gift Set Packaging

The design of the chicken concentrated broth packaging is inspired by its valuable extraction process; the tender sprouts are enveloped in water drops and lush green leaves are nurtured by the nutrients of the garden to spawn new vitality, in turn symbolizing the essence of the chicken extracted through this laborious, time consuming process.

DEM Inc. has combined contemporary black with vibrant orange to break away from the consumers’ stereotypical perception towards concentrated chicken broth packaging being greasy and unpalatable. The meticulously chosen paper material is decorated with laser-engraved patterns to highlight the exquisite quality of the concentrated chicken broth gift set, thereby putting on a brand new appearance for the chicken concentrated broth.

From the logo to packaging, the design concept has incorporated the spirit of tradition and innovation while presenting consumers with a fusion of the Orient and a contemporary feel.

Baby Rice Porridge Gift Packing

The baby porridge packaging design is inspired by the adorable motif of the spoon baby. Spoon is the bridge between the mother and her baby, the distance between them is brought closer through spoon feeding, which in turn propagates the dedication of Tian Yuan Xiang.

Office Supplies

The dark brown corporate color and the curvy lines derived from the logo are applied to office supplies.

After the new packaging was launched in November 2010, wide discussions and popularity were sparked online; this not only resulted in double revenue figures during the single month, but has also created the good reputation of “Being sold out” for Naturally Vast Fragrance’s concentrated chicken broth online. The success of the project has bridged a long term relationship between Naturally Vast Fragrance and DEM Inc.

DEM Inc.’s design team and Tian Yuan Xiang has developed a good mutual understanding, where DEM Inc. has been given the opportunity to exert its design expertise and extend the corporate spirit of Tian Yuan Xiang to the various product designs, in turn creating a professional, absolute quality brand image for Tian Yuan Xiang.