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這是一個具高熱度的地產案,不但要考慮到合適的商業用途,也要顧慮到政府的態度。在過程中,成功的有機會在土地用途上,讓本來的文教用地有機會成為人文、博物館、住宅 與 旅館相互結合的經典地標,也讓一塊台北文化軸上的廢地有了新生命。


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因碰到了選舉年,在考量到無法以零風險開發此案,客戶決定,不進行本規劃案。Corporate Intro//

This is a high profile real estate project where considerations must be given for the appropriate business purposes and attitude by the government. During the process, the former cultural and educational land was successfully transformed into a classic landmark combining culture, museum, residence and hotel, in turn revitalizing the wasteland on the cultural axis of Taipei.


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Central Pictures Corporation is a gem, and the near half-century-old brand has become a classic icon in Taiwan. Everything inside the ancient city has become part of history over the last 50 years.

It is easy to demolish, neglect or transfer Central Pictures Corporation; however, a slice of the collective memory of an entire generation will be lost in the process. Therefore, it is imperative to polish, awaken and resurrect the classic brand within established and existing sentiments.

Due to the impending election year and taking into consideration that the project cannot be developed with zero risk; therefore, the client has decided to forego the project.