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品牌發想/定位/Key messaging

以Think East為品牌核心價值,顛覆一般眼鏡或時尚品牌以西方為主的觀點,讓世界看中國 。


從品牌到商品系列,均以中國經典故事與人物為設計主軸,加上西方的現代美學的線條與材質,成就獨具東方精神與西方時尚的眼鏡;在設計上符合東方臉孔;在情感上,喚醒中國年輕一代的文化意識,世界中心向東方轉移的世代價值。Corporate Intro//

For the past 15 years, Formosa Optical China has established a strong foothold in the Chinese market to become the largest eyewear channel brand in China with over 1,200 stores in more than 80 cities. However, due to advancements in information development and market segmentation, the purchasing powers of middle class consumers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities have grown, in turn driving mid to high-end consumers towards foreign-invested channels. Consequently, Formosa Optical has sought to create an eyewear boutique brand and channel with exclusive, local Chinese culture.


Department Service//

Market and trend analysis

First of all, Bai-Mu Consultants Co. conducted an analysis of China’s overall consumption trend based on the eyewear retail market in the country to determine the brand development opportunities for KDX and the overall corporate brand strategic direction.


KDX overall brand strategy

Secondly, through consumer group studies, analyses and profiling, we will ascertain the market entry point in order to formulate the overall marketing and brand strategy.


Brand development/positioning/key messaging

Inspired by the core brand value of Think East, we will subvert conventional thinking about Western-oriented eyewear or fashion labels, so as to put China under the limelight.


Brand value proposition

From the brand to product collection, every aspect of KDX draws inspiration from classic Chinese stories and figures. This is combined with Western contemporary aesthetics and materials to create unique eyewear featuring a fusion between Eastern character and Western fashion. The design is tailored for Oriental faces and sentimentally speaking, the eyewear evokes the cultural conscience of the younger generation in China, as well as the values of a shifting world economy towards the East.