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2008年4月斥資達新台幣十二億打造的大直旗艦館,是Wego自成為台灣精品旅館的領導品牌以來耗資最大的旗艦館,一個以”Funtel(Funny Hotel)”新享樂主義概念為主軸的城市樂園!


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呼應這個Fantasy land 的主題,WEGO Funtel大直館,不論在平面、空間及產品設計上,都以趣味性的視覺、故事性的陳述帶領消費者進入一個充滿幻想的樂園,以充滿童趣的動物輔助圖案來傳達男女最原始的愛戀慾望;亞當夏娃、男女有別趣味備品盒,提醒您耐心等待好好打理自己;放著以愛麗絲夢遊仙境為靈感發想的迷宮早餐廳,置身其中有股神秘的氛圍;創新泡泡保險套架,首創情境式AII IN ONE遙控器、別出心裁的TANGO咖啡杯,WEGO Funtel由裡到外的設計都讓人愛不釋手。Corporate Intro

Research has shown that 38% of men over 40 reported feeling economic stress, 36% reported feeling work-related stress, while 21% reported feeling health-related stress.

Stress has become a part of everyday life, no matter the age, gender or occupation. Work has now taken over many people’s lives, leaving them less free time. In response, people have begun looking for opportunities to treat themselves and to escape. Be it taking up Second Life online, enjoying the adventures of Harry Potter or going to Disney World, these are all ways that people can temporarily escape from the pressures of everyday life.

It is because of this that the boutique motel industry has sprouted like mushrooms after the rain in Taiwan. The challenge in this project was to think outside the box and make WEGO the talk of the market in a very competitive industry so it will always be on the leading edge.


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What people want when under pressure is an opportunity to escape from it all—the very reason why virtual spaces have become an important way for modern people to find rapport, friendships and relaxation. “Escapism” in the experience economy refers to how consumers actively look for ways to “immerse” themselves or “identify” with the process of the experience itself. What we sought to do then was to create an exotic urban landscape and fantasy island where people can simultaneously relax and find fulfillment.

The Fantasy Land theme is ingrained into all aspects of the WEGO Funtel Dazih branch. Interesting visuals and story narratives were infused into each surface and product, inviting consumers into a fantasy park of their imagination. The WEGO Funtel logo itself combines the smooth curves of the female form with the brand’s “W” and “G” to create a unique icon. Apart from seducing the viewer with its silhouette, a rich, saturated red was chosen as the main color palette to convey a sense of wild fantasy. Other icons include animal cartoons that express the primeval desires of men and woman; “Adam & Eve” toiletries box; a “Labyrinth” restaurant inspired by Alice in Wonderland; a novel “bubble” condom rack that offers a humorous yet thoughtful reminder for fun-loving couples; an innovative all-in-one ambience remote control; and ingenuous “Tango” coffee cups. Together, all these design touches and more make the WEGO Funtel a captivating experience that goes beyond the mediocre.

The launch of the WEGO Funtel 2009 was an immediate hit, even in the midst of an economic downturn. It was immediately booked solid, while merchandise was constantly sold out or stolen during launch. The results proved that we successfully delivered on the emotional needs of the consumer for fantasy and escape.