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以積木的初步概念,設計出二組擁有多種單體元件的組合性產品 – 『天堂』 & 『誕』;此二組不同的單體元件分別可以組合出 10 種以上不同的奠禮式場主題與造型,以符合不同的場合空間需求。藉由可自由重組的硬體,變化出符合每個人的生命故事,在告別式中營造天堂般「純淨」、「寧靜」的空間。外觀色系以白色為主色,不添加過多的裝飾花紋,並以 LED 燈光效果營造出明亮的式場環境。此二組設計同時呼應萬安生命的企業廣告語『用你想要的方式告別』,此『天堂式場』特點在於可客製化,兼顧環保再利用,亦同時為顧客達到降低成本的目的。

於 2009 年 3 月對外發表,並於 5 月於香港參展,此獨一無二的產品引起業界一陣衝擊及討論,各媒體爭相報導,市場銷售達到預期之外的收益。Corporate Intro

Cumulus is a backdrop design for funeral visitation services for a client in Taiwan. While western customs do not have equivalent arrangements, the fact that visitation services in Taiwan are often held in various venues outside of churches necessitates such backdrops.

Problems facing traditional designs are numerous. Floral arrangements are expensive, and the client wishes to minimize their cost per service. Since visitation services are held in venues ranging from large to small, the design also needed to be modular and flexible to fit various spaces. Finally, the design also needs to modernize cliche impressions of visitation services in Taiwan–usually expressed as a gaudy explosion of floral arrangements–while encouraging the engagement of surviving relatives


Department Service

The design takes “clouds” as both inspiration and concept. In meaning “cloud” connotes, of course, the passing away of a loved one to paradise, while in expression its elegant simplicity conveys a dignified and noble passage. The design topographically splices the contours of a cloud to result in a modular system that can be freely altered to result in different layouts.

There are eight “units” that together form a system that can be infinitely customized by the end consumer. Using the modules from each set, it is possible to create more than 10 types of different funeral themes and layouts, customizing them to suit each person’s own unique life story. Excessive floral decorations were dispensed with LED lighting providing not only dramatic lighting but also minimizing costs.

The product was launched in March, 2009, generating not only massive media coverage for the way it revolutionized conventional funeral arrangements, but also resulting in high levels of inquiry and sales from consumers.