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華福食品從便利商品鮮食的製造龍頭開始,已經是台灣麵包業不可或缺的重要製造商,公司的製造生產技術己經是經年累月的成熟架構。此次請來橙果設計一同參與麵包業的新改革,甜點界的創新;希望結合內部麵包工法與頂尖人才,精心打造一個屬於台灣人的時尚甜點品牌!當國人都為青木定治的馬卡龍瘋迷時,國人自創的甜點產品能如何走出自己的一片天地?!如何帶領傳統口味的甜點注入時尚感?! 就是橙果與華福合作的主要挑戰及目標。

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橙果提出希望能提供更豐富多元創意的口味,搭配現代時尚的外型的概念,而創造出了「3ㄫ 原點三拍」的這個原新品牌,ㄫ的開始,就是個無止盡的追求,也提供了消費者3D味道的體驗。


全系列產品的重點就是有別於一般麵包店的全新體驗。以打造東方食尚為目標,推出令人驚喜的麵包及一口酥產品,不但擄獲您的味覺,也讓您的視覺享有豐富美感。Corporate Intro

Fast Food Co., Ltd. began as the dominant producer of convenient store foods. It is now a quintessential manufacturer in the Taiwanese bakery industry, and the firm’s production techniques have formed a sophisticated structure through years of experience accumulation. DEM Inc. was invited to take part in the reform of the bakery industry and innovation in the dessert world. By integrating bakery craftsmanship and top talent internally, it is hoped to meticulously create a fashion dessert brand that is authentically Taiwanese! When people in Taiwan are mesmerized by Sadaharu AOKI’s Macaron, how will the domestic dessert products find their own niche? How can one introduce a sense of fashion into traditional flavored desserts? These are the main challenges and targets of the collaboration between DEM Inc. and Fast Food Co., Ltd.


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“Why do pineapple cakes have to be pineapples?” The conception was inspired by such a simple question.

Fast Food’s original idea was to endow its own pineapple cake producing technique with gorgeous packaging, therefore they approached DEM Inc. Nevertheless, after such question was proposed, Demos and Chairman Xie sparked even more creativity, ambition and aspiration towards the Taiwanese dessert industry.

DEM Inc. proposed the concept of offering more diverse and richer creative flavors complemented by modern, fashionable exteriors, which culminated in the creation of the original brand 3Pai-top. The beginning ofㄫsymbolizes relentless pursuit, and which also provides consumers with the experience of 3D taste.

Taking 3Pai-top’s popular product Pokka Cake as an example, the initial inspiration originated from pineapple cakes; the intention was to preserve the texture of the pineapple cake while taking into consideration female consumers, so that they would not become covered in crumbs while eating; as a result, the bite-sized Pokka Cake was born!

The key to the product series is the brand new experience which distinguishes itself from that of conventional bakeries. With the intention of creating Oriental food fashion, the dazzling bread and bite-sized products were launched to capture not only your sense of taste, but also infuse abundant aesthetics to your sense of sight.