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由於此款筆電之消費族群鎖定在 1980~1990 出生的新世代的年輕人,橙果設計將賦予酷庫熊獨一無二的收藏價值。單邊的星星眼睛、四肢上的白雲圖案與背上一對小翅膀讓酷庫熊輕盈的飛翔皆取自於此款筆電輕薄的優點。酷庫熊腳上印有大自然的圖騰 : 彩虹、閃電、海、太陽與花朵,與色彩繽紛的筆電外殼相呼應。Corporate Intro

Given the fast pace of notebook rollouts, Lenovo decided to partner with DEM for the IdeaPad S9/ 10 in order to create the appropriate market differentiation. By giving away the Kuku Bear with all new notebook purchases, LENOVO wanted to capture the youth market through its love of collectible figurines. Apart from boosting sales, the promotion was also meant to cultivate brand loyalty for a new generation of consumers.


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With the IdeaPad S9/10 targeted at young people born between 1980 and 1990, DEM used pop sensibility to make the COCOO Bear a unique collectible: the star, cloud, and wings have all been simplified to be familiar to the emoticon generation. Printed on the bear’s feet are motifs from nature—rainbow, lightning, sea, sun, and flowers—meant to symbolize connecting to the world through the IdeaPad. The COCOO Bears come in five colors— Orange (limited edition), Red, Blue, Black and Pink—that are matched to the IdeaePad’s color ways.


The limited edition COCOO Bear was shown for the first time in the online video ” Love, Always Online ” in September 2008 and immediately generated much online hype. Within two weeks, “COCOO Bear” achieved staggering search results on all major search engines: Baidu at 136,000 articles; Google at 5,300,000 articles; and Yahoo at 2,820,000 articles. The COCOO Bear helped generate glowing sales for the IdeaPad S9/S10 with 100,000 units sold within one month. So great was consumer demand that LENOVO quickly followed up its success with the launch of a COCOO Bear-themed personal computer as well as a full range of COCOO Bear merchandise.