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『JIA 品家家品』為居家/廚具用品通路品牌,以「儒家文化」為中心發展思想,希望以東方人的思維、內在、觀感來豐富生活。

此東方家居生活品牌,以增進”家”的品質與美感為目標,將源自古老中國的生活智慧與美學融入于現代的產品設計與概念開發。Corporate Intro

Hausco was initially an OEM supplier for European home products. Over the years it established a reputation for integrity and quality in the industry, and has also built strong relationships with several famous international brands. The client hoped to leverage their mature technical expertise to create their own brand and products for the Chinese market, while at the same time introducing Chinese culture to the west.


Department Service

“Confucian culture” was defined as the central theme for the “Jia” brand of new home/kitchen wares. The goal was to enrich life through Oriental values, philosophy, and perspectives.

As such, this new brand was to enhance the quality and beauty of the home by incorporating ancient Chinese wisdom and aesthetics into modern product design and development.

DEM developed three sets of kitchenware inspired by the above brand spirit:

1.”Ginger” tool set

2.”The Moment” tea set

3.”Respect and Etiquette” tea set

Given their unique inspiration derived from Oriental culture, these kitchenware products not only attracted much attention at trade fairs throughout the world, but also generated strong sales for the new brand.