Corporate Intro

捷安特為專業運動型腳踏車的領導品牌,亦為臺灣少數的國際知名品牌。一直希望在 LifeStyle 系列腳踏車市場中具有領導性指標地位。捷安特期許能與橙果設計合作,利用創新思維詮釋出打動中國、日本、臺灣與歐洲市場的 LifeStyle 系列腳踏車。

Department Service

City Storm ( 與知名設計師 Michael Young 合作 ) – 顛覆腳踏車的定價建構於功能技術上的迷思。成功地在日本、臺灣與中國創下銷售佳績,亦為捷安特創造了超過 5000 萬台幣的媒體曝光效益。此外,其前燈與崁入式安全鎖亦成功申請專利;如此專業與創新的設計更榮獲臺灣精品獎與德國 iF EUROBIKE 設計獎金牌之殊榮。

Clip – 臺灣於 2008 年正式上市,其腳架設計成功申請專利。 此外,除了被遴選為捷安特的 Global model ,亦榮獲臺灣區自行車輸出業同業公會及外貿協會共同主辦的『創新自行車暨零配件甄選 – 成車類亞軍』之殊榮。Corporate Intro

GIANT is a leading manufacturer of professional sports bikes and one of Taiwan’s most famous brand. The company has long wanted to become the trend setter in the market with its Lifestyle series of bicycles, but previous collaborations with external designers were unsuccessful as design aesthetics and manufacturing costs could not be reconciled. By partnering with DEM this time, GIANT hoped to bring new ideas to the Lifestyle series that will help it resonate in Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and European markets.


Department Service

DEM began defining the role of the bicycle in everyday life as the nexus between fashion and sports as well as how it related to global warming and outdoor activities. The most challenging part of this project was the fact that a bicycle’s structural components also determined its external appearance. To design a look that embodied the Lifestyle concept required a revolutionary sports bike structure.

A set of design guidelines were therefore jointly developed by DEM and GIANT for the Life Style bicycles:

1-Meets the user logic and requirements for everyday use

2-Bike design must meet urban expectations on styling

3-Balance between innovation and mass production feasibility

4-Comfortable riding experience


6-Rider safety

7-Theft prevention

Once these guidelines were established, DEM immediately began analyzing the user behavior models for bicycles, as well as the values that make up fashionable styling. During this process, we realized that Lifestyle served as an identification of a group affiliation and could not be represented by just one product.

To create a complete Life Style experience, DEM came up with four designs, each pitched at a different market:

1-Urban style – City Storm

2-Lightweight Foldable – Clip

3-Urban Jungle – Beat

4-Touring Bike – Expedition

The entire project took 24 months. During this time DEM learned all it could about bicycle manufacturing technologies from GIANT and also took part in the product’s planning, positioning and marketing efforts.

1- City Storm (designed in conjunction with Michael Young) – We shattered the preconception that a bicycle’s functional technologies set its pricing. Strong sales were achieved in Japan , Taiwan and China , while media exposure worth over 50 Million NTD was also generated for GIANT. In addition, the front lamp and built-in security lock were successfully patented. The professionalism and innovation embodied by the design were also recognized with an iF design award and a Taiwan InnovaValue gold medal award.


2- Clip – Officially released in Taiwan in 2008, Clip featured a unique stand design that was successfully patented. Chosen to become global model by Giant, Clip was also awarded a silver medal in the complete bike category by the Taiwan Bicycle Association.