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首先,由與鳳梨相關的『鳳盒子』為命名,簡單好記; 鳳盒子鳳梨酥外型方方正正像一個盒子,每一個都是充滿鳳梨香氣與美味的寶盒。橙果設計建議將鳳梨酥包裝訂為三種尺寸: 6入、12入、18入,以滿足不同的組群需求。鳳梨酥內包裝設計為金黃誘人的鳳梨圖案,以左右拼接的方式置入盒內,外包裝採用高級紙材,以顏色區分口味,最後繫上緞帶。將恒耀食品對食材的用心延續到包裝上,讓消費者收到禮盒就可感受到鳳盒子對鳳梨酥的用心。Corporate Intro

Bofood Corporation has recently introduced to the market its new brand “Funbox.” Bofood insists on using the local Guanmiao No.3 pineapple as the ingredient of its pineapple cakes. Even though No.3 costs more, Bofood insists on using the best ingredients and maintaining the good quality of its products. It is determined to produce sweets that not only look good but also taste beautifully. Since the launch of Funbox in November 2011, it has gained popularity through word-of-mouth, resulting in a good monthly average sales volume. This has enhanced Bofood’s confidence in its products. It plans to rename and re-package its products by cooperating with DEM Inc. By dressing its fine products in beautiful clothes, Bofood plans to promote them from Taiwan to the world!


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This isn’t the first time for DEM Inc. to do packaging design; however, when it comes to designing the packaging of “pineapple cakes,” it is a new challenge. The newfound popularity of pineapple cakes has brought a change of fortune to this traditional snack food, turning it into a foreign-exchange-earning “little gold ingot.” Long-time cake manufacturers and new brands alike are eager for a piece of the action. Pineapple cakes have even surpassed moon cakes in their popularity, with sales growing by a factor of 16 over five years, from NT$1.5 billion to NT$25 billion. How exactly does Bofood create a new brand out of these little gold ingots? To come up with a catchy brand name, “Funbox,” is the first step. “Fun” resembles the sound of the Chinese word for pineapple, and “box” indicates that with a shape like a square box, every piece of pineapple cake is a box with the fragrance and taste of pineapples. DEM Inc. suggested that Bofood offer three sizes of packaging boxes with 6, 12 and 18 pineapple cakes respectively in order to cater to consumers’ needs. A pattern of tasty-looking golden pineapple is printed on each individual package. The cakes are placed on different-colored layers according to their flavors. The packaging box is made of high quality paper, and can be opened from the top by pulling both sides. The box is closed with a ribbon bow. Bofood Corporation presents the consumers the best sweets in beautiful packaging. Once consumers receive the gift boxes, they will see the effort Funbox has made to produce the best pineapple cakes.


Funbox gift boxes launched on September 2012, and were sold out before the Moon Festival. Revenue of over 10 million NT dollars is expected. The success of Funbox has encouraged Bofood Corporation to develop new flavors and packaging. Putting even more effort into brand management, it plans to promote the brand in mainland China and Macau.