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團團 TUANTUAN Multi-Label Shop販售的是獨立原創、美感獨具的設計師品牌時裝。

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一年四季,一生四戲;毽子象徵著 「 春之躍」 、竹蜻蜓象徵著 「 夏之昇 」 、陀螺象徵著 「 秋之轉 」 、日月球象徵著 「 冬之定 」 。如此將東方的傳統文化帶入西方的摩登現代,創造符合人生的不同階段,不同場合使用的時尚童玩。 在包裝上我們使用了搶眼的紅色和黑色條紋作為主要設計元素,再次強調這次童玩的摩登現代。將外盒滑開時,線條的重疊交錯產生了視覺效果;加上印在外盒的”let’s”,讓擁有者 完全的體現”let’s play”的意境。Corporate Intro

TUANTUAN Multi-Label Shop offers original garment labels with unique aesthetics from independent designers.


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Four games can be played in four seasons throughout the year. The shuttlecock symbolizes Spring/leap, the bamboo-copter symbolizes Summer/rise, the whipping top resembles Autumn/turn and the Kendama resembles Winter/rest. By fusing Eastern traditional culture with Western modernity and contemporariness, fashionable children’s folk toys are created for different occasions and different stages in life. For the packaging, we have employed striking red and black stripes as the main design element to stress the modernization of the folk toys. By sliding open the outer box, the overlapping lines create an optical illusion. Combined with the word “let’s” printed on the outer box, the user will be able to appreciate the meaning of “let’s play”.