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為了更加強化該品牌的年輕形象,橙果設計在現有瓶型下,運用年輕人熱愛且歷久不衰的龐克搖滾為核心精神,象徵年輕人的熱血不羈與硬派作風,擷取其代表元素-金屬鉚釘,轉化為瓶身上的圖騰,以不同大小的鉚釘凹紋,透過水瓶的光影折射,突顯瓶裝水本質的純淨透澈,同時,以鉚釘多角度的對襯切面,塑造出強烈的視覺張力,讓年輕、酷炫、無厘頭的品牌風格更加鮮明化。Corporate Intro

The annual market share of bottled waters in Taiwan is over NTD 5.5 billion; various brands constantly come up with new features and even outlets such as supermarkets and convenience stores are introducing self-branded bottled water to the market. Vedan’s ”More Water” has always been a leading brand, but with the competitive market of bottled water ahead, Vedan has specially invited DEM inc.’s cooperation, hoping that through the visual design expertise of DEM inc. and its insight into the market, it will be capable of injecting new life into the brand, which is advancing into its 14th year in 2010. DEM inc. has been given the task of creating a brand new appearance for the bottle and to continuously enhance its attractiveness to consumers.


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Taking a sip of bottled water is not a matter of merely being convenient and thirst-quenching. How does one go about creating market segmentation in a market offering similar products? Nevertheless, the majority of consumers shape their purchasing behavior through their recognition of brand image; hence, what can be done to accomplish the representation of self-characteristics via the bottled water held in the hand of the consumer? DEM inc. researched and made young people the target group, using younger brand positioning and a design for the bottle based on the nonsensical thinking of youth, hoping to effectively convey the brand belief via strong and striking visual effects and to create a unique bottle which is highly distinguishable.


In the process of designing the new bottle, DEM inc. specifically compiled the characteristics of its target group, which is a group of youth with ideas of their own and a unique way of thinking, as well as a direct and bold attitude; in addition, they have the courage to express their own opinions and thoughts and to mock life with a carefree attitude. The undying appeal of Punk and Rock ’n’ Roll was applied to the brand by DEM inc. as the core spirit of the existing bottle, so as to symbolize the enthusiastic and hardcore attitude of youngsters. By transforming the symbolic element of metal rivets into the totems on the bottle, rivet indentation patterns of various sizes are used to accentuate the purity and clarity of water through refractions of the bottle. At the same time, a strong visual effect is created through the symmetrical sections of the rivets at different angles, which highlights the young, cool and nonsensical style of the brand.


The new bottle with rivet totems designed by DEM inc. presents a succinct, well executed yet individualistic visual style and even a touch of originality to the modern fashion; it has not merely become the focus of the consumers, rather it stands out amongst the dazzling array of bottled waters. Furthermore, the rivet totems designed by DEM inc. have also been applied to the costume of the brand mascot, Waterman, which makes an alternative and unique impression of the brand image. The unique and outstanding totem has received enthusiastic responses from consumers, which successfully creates publicity and generates the selling point for marketing. It not only built up the exclusive appeal of the brand, but at the same time, made drinking water an individualistic life attitude of the youngsters, which has created a remarkable page in the history of bottled waters.