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台灣亦是, 為TTL重新點燃新生命、與世界接軌。



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用新鮮濺起的啤酒泡沫中串連起了台啤與寶島的特色與美景,不用過多的文字詮釋即可心領。Corporate Intro

During 2010, the people of Taiwan seek to follow the footsteps of internationalization, reignite the flame of life for TTL and connect to rest of the world. Let us transform Taiwan!


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Taiwan Beer Guangzhou Asian Games Print Advertisement Design

Taiwan Beer is a leading beer brand in Taiwan, and it is also an essential local flavored beverage for tourists visiting Formosa.

Capitalizing on the opportunity of Taiwan Beer’s sponsorship of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the exclusive design appeared in various mass media and vehicle advertisements. The main theme of Taiwan Flavor, Taiwan Sentiment, seeks the appeal of tasting all the wonderful things in Formosa by popping the cap from a bottle of Taiwan Beer.

The refreshing, bubbling foam of the beer is used to connect the characteristics and picturesque sceneries of Taiwan and Formosa, no unnecessary words are needed interpret and appreciate such sentiment!