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CRANE fun LED 多功能檯燈

以中文「几」的字形,作為檯燈的外觀造型。「几」即「桌」,是中國古代人們坐臥時,憑依或擱置物件的小桌,橙果設計特別將此象形文字的概念,延伸為放罝於桌上使用的檯燈。運用簡潔的線條,勾勒出輕巧的造型,表現出極致的設計美感與時尚風格。結合億光電子的LED元件與模組技術,提供使用者如同日光般的舒適光線,並且能依據個人需求調整光源明暗,透過光線與燈具本體的配色,形塑使用者的情感連結,創造煥然一新的視覺感受。此外,橙果設計運用科技感的LED 陣列,以點陣作為檯燈背面的時間顯示,可作為時鐘使用,十分符合現代人的生活需求 ; 同時,具備小夜燈的模式,提供情境照明的功能,能適時營造環境氛圍並創造空間感。Corporate Intro

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. has a LED developmental history of over 27 years since its establishment in 1983. It is not only the leader of the LED industry in Taiwan, but also holds a significant position in the global LED industry. During the recent years, the global LED light market has developed rapidly, with LED being regarded as the all-important green energy industry; LED lighting equipments also became widely known as the ideal environmental friendly lighting. Faced with fierce competitions in the LED market in the future, Everlight Electronics has already been actively engaged in the LED lighting systems in order advance into the consumer market of modules and lighting fixtures from LED packaging in the past. Therefore, it has especially collaborated with DEM inc. to jointly develop new LED lighting products through DEM inc.’s prowess in visual aesthetics and consumer observations and by combining Everlight Electronics’ many years of LED expertise. The objective is to market Everlight Electronics’ own brand, and further expand the field of the enterprise’s development.


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The core of lighting equipment is nothing more than its central element, the light. What is light? Light is in fact color, meaning the color observed and interpreted by people after the spectrum is reflected by objects. The complement of light and color determines the emotion of a space, light alone is capable of altering the space and creating the warm, comfortable and pleasant ambience. DEM inc. ingeniously merged the colors of light with the style of the lighting equipment, hoping to create a more leisurely living environment through a lamp.

The style of the lamp is inspired by the shape of the Chinese character Ji, meaning table. Ji is a small table in ancient China for placing objects or for leaning against when people were sleeping or sitting. DEM inc. specially extended the concept of this pictograph to the desk lamp. The light and handy style is created through the application of succinct lines, demonstrating the ultimate beauty of design and modern style. It is combined with Everlight Electronics’ components and modular technology to offer the users comfortable illumination resembling the daylight, where the brightness may be adjusted according to personal preference. The complementing colors of the light and the lighting equipment itself create the emotional connection with the user, and result in a brand new visual sensation. In addition, DEM inc. applied the high-tech LED matrix as the time indicator on the back of the lamp, which may be used as a clock, ideal for modern people’s lifestyle demands. It also features a night light mode, offering ambient lighting to adequately create the sense of space and atmosphere. The LED Multi-functional Lamp designed by DEM inc. not only offers the basic functions of illumination for reading, but also features the added-value as a table-top decoration, transforming it into an extremely fashionable and modern living artwork. The product also fully conveys the spirit of exploring the fun in life through the product name, CRANE fun, leading consumers to experience the fun of LOHAS with the minimalistic design.


The CRANE fun LED Multi-functional Lamp designed by DEM inc. demonstrates the simple, well-executed yet modern visual style, which has introduced a new trend to the unvarying LED lighting equipment design. It has already been extensively reported by the media even though it is not officially on the market yet, and it too has received high level of interests from the consumers as well. In 2011, Everlight Electronics plans to launch the CRANE fun LED Multi-functional Lamp through the double brand marketing strategy of EVERLIGHT and zenaro, which is scheduled to enter mass production in Q4 for marketing to the Asian, European and American regions. The product is expected to bring about multiple fold increase for Everlight’s LED lighting in 2012. As Everlight Electronics’ first LED lighting product after crossing over to the consumer market, the CRANE fun LED Multi-functional Lamp designed by DEM inc. has successfully attracted public attention, thereby creating a groundbreaking new appearance for the marketing of Everlight’s own brand.