Corporate Intro
「雙妹」品牌由廣生行 (上海家化前身) 創始人馮福田于 1898年創造,在上世紀30、40年代到達巔峰後,雙妹逐漸銷聲匿跡。此老字號品牌滲透一定的歷史色彩, 橙果設計必須重新演繹雙妹品牌。新雙妹的外觀和產品、空間設計都將需帶有舊雙妹的精神及上海文化內涵,並將老品牌賦予新時代的設計,以不同的姿態立足於大中華市場。

Department Service
上海家化是橙果設計在內地合作的第一個指標性客戶,而為了能將上海文化豐富的呈現在設計上,橙果設計特別挑選專屬設計團隊,進行整個專案的實地勘查,體驗上海當地的歷史文化的軌跡,並對上海的建築 /街道 /人文風俗 /租界文化 … 等等進行一番徹底的瞭解。

橙果設計擅長展現文化設計力的作品。我們將30年代流行的元素,巧妙的轉化在產品設計上,率先完成第一支以髮髻為設計概念,具有濃厚中國文化色彩,以神祕的紅黑色系為主的香水瓶造型。 此設計體現當時30年代上海仕女 -穿旗袍、繫髮髻為主要社交造型的風潮。除了瓶身線條模擬女性身軀妖嬈的姿態外,更將瓶蓋造型設計宛如一個典雅高貴的髮髻,噴嘴採用復古的泵造型,呈現一股精緻奢華的高貴氣質感,陸續以此設計方向,完成雙妹品牌的最高端奢華系列『Fung系列』。
另發展 SV彩妝系列產品的設計 ,此系列規劃為較年輕的時尚產品線 ; 橙果設計將黃埔江結合張愛玲的愛情小說,發展出以【黃埔江上的月亮】為設計概念的時尚香水瓶,作為年輕系列的第一款。

在發展產品系列設計同時,將雙妹品牌的品牌標示重新設計,以新的雙人圖騰重新詮釋雙妹品牌,『 SHANGHAI VIVE雙妹』作為品牌名稱,陸續完成 CI設計系統。
在2008/10月家化百年記者會之前,完成SHOWRO OM的空間設計,以30年代上海住家 /酒店的建築特徵,融合當時西方社會盛行的 Art Nouveau 風潮,展現在室內空間細節的設計,以此主題體現上海為【東方巴黎】的縮影。Corporate Intro
“Shanghai Vive” was created in 1898 by Feng Fu-Tian, the founder of Kwong Sang (the predecessor to the Jahwa Group). After reaching its peak in the 1930’s and 1940’s however, the brand gradually faded from view. As it holds such invaluable history, DEM was challenged to re-interpret the brand for modern times even while preserving the spirit and culture behind the original.


Department Service
Jahwa was the first major commission to be undertaken by DEM in China. To capture the richness of Shanghai culture in its entirety, DEM assigned a hand-picked team to visit Shanghai and experience its history and culture. While there, the team studied the city’s architecture, streetscape, customs and unique concession culture; not even the dress of models in old Shanghai Vive posters were spared scrutiny. As Shanghai was known as the “Paris of the East” during the thirties, even movies were reviewed to learn about period trends and fashions. Given the city’s unique blend of east and west, this cross pollination of cultures became the central theme running through all designs.
Fortunately, DEM’s forte lies precisely in capturing specific cultural references. For example, elements of thirties fashion were cleverly transformed into a perfume bottle recreating the look of the Shanghainese socialite– all cheongsam and pinned up hair. Apart from evoking the seductive curves of the female form, the cap was designed to resemble an elegant hairpin. The nozzle uses a retro pump, a nod to vintage forms that was repeated to create the brand’s premium range, “Fung”.
For the SV cosmetics range aimed at younger consumers, DEM combined images of the Huangpu River with famed author Chang Ailing’s romantic fiction, creating the “Moon over Huangpu River” series of designer perfume bottles.


Key Products:
Shanghai Vive was both renamed and redesigned with a new look as part of its CI overhaul.
In the lead-up to Jahwa’s centennial press conference in October 2008, DEM completed the brand’s showroom design incorporating period influences of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
DEM’s design efforts included: coordination and planning of visual identity, the CI design & application system, 8 packaging designs, 4 annual limited edition graphics, as well as interior and space identity systems for the retail stores.
In 2008, the centenary press conference was held at the Shanghai Vive Showroom showcasing DEM’s Fung series, limited edition scarves and retail interior design.