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2005 年,「守護鳳凰」出征英國銀石賽道,並得到分站冠軍。同年,雷諾車隊亦成為年度車隊冠軍。「守護鳳凰」的車體彩繪,成功為雷諾攻佔臺灣媒體版面。
2006 年,雷諾乘勝追擊再度委託橙果設計設計第二款聖獸圖騰:白虎。果然,「虎虎生風」再度成為法國站分站冠軍車,雷諾車隊也繼續締造佳績,成為當年度車隊冠軍。Corporate Intro
With the introduction of Formula One racing to Asia, the year after the Shanghai Grand Prix was held, the Renault team decided to boost its brand recognition in Southeast Asia and to challenge the Ferrari team’s market position. To create an immediate icon, Renault invited DEM to design a decal motif that would not only have a strong narrative but would also have local flavor.


Department Service
With only 14 days of design time available, the DEM team turned to its own cultural background for inspiration.
As the design will first appear at the British Grand Prix in front of a Western audience interested in Oriental culture, DEM chose as theme the conquering hero Huangdi from Chinese legend in order to express a conqueror’s victory.
Given that race cars are made of multiple planes and curves, DEM incorporated elements of the chassis shape into the design itself to enhance the visual impact. To convey the idea of both guardian and guiding hand, the phoenix—one of the four sacred animals in Chinese lore—was re-interpreted with a modern, calligraphic style that also references traditional Chinese script.
In 2005 “Guardian Phoenix” took on the Silverstone circuit in England and won first place. With the guiding hand of the phoenix, the Renault team not only won team championships for the year, but also captured significant media exposure in Taiwan .
As a result of the success of this initial collaboration, Renault commissioned DEM to design a follow-up decal in 2006 based on another sacred beast – the White Tiger. “Tiger Power” did not disappoint, and showed its true ferocity by winning both French Grand Prix and team championships that year as well.
2005 守護鳳凰 Guardian Phoenix
2006 虎虎生風 Tiger Power