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七夕情人節是中國傳統節日中最具浪漫色彩的,其角色及人物都有歷史的背景與典故,亦是一種文化的表徵。橙果設計深入了解七夕之傳說,取象徵情人眼睛的星星為設計概念,營造七夕夜晚的浪漫氛圍;鞋底幻化為深藍色的星空,飛上天的無數喜鵲妝點出夜空中的繁星點點,搭成鵲橋,讓牛郎、織女在天河相會。Corporate Intro
Havaianas stands for style, comfort, affordable luxury and original fashion spirit, the new collections launched every season have proven to be extremely popular among the public. This year, Havaianas has invited DEM Inc. to design the Chinese Valentine’s Day collectionsandal; while passion for Chinese culture transforms into a trend, how to infuse oriental cultural color into a fashion brand and create touching products is the new challenge faced by DEM Inc.


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Chinese Valentine’s Day is the most romantic of all traditional Chinese festivities, the characters and personages all have their historical background and origin; it is also a cultural symbol. DEM Inc. gained an in-depth understanding of the legend of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, where design inspirations were drawn from the stars that symbolize lover’s eyes to create the romantic ambiance of the Chinese Valentine’s night. The sole metamorphoses into mazarine, star-studded sky, and the countless magpies soaring into the sky further complement the starry night to form the magpie bridge, so that cowherd and the weaver girl may be reunited in the galaxy. Imagery of the sorrowful, beautiful yet romantic annual reunion is pieced together on a pair of sandals; one cannot be without the other. The faithful love between the cowherd and the weaver girl is celebrated through the shoes. Anyone wearing the sandals will be like roaming the starry sky to experience the magic of the Chinese Valentine’s Day legend.


The Chinese Valentine’s Day collection designed by DEM Inc. for Havaianas will be launched in July 2011. When classic story is combined with Western fashion brand, a dialogue between the Western and Eastern culture is presented, which will in turn certainly take the market by storm after it is launched.