Corporate Intro
2012,迎接華人龍年的到來,Giordano與橙果設計團隊融入創意與想像力,結合Giordano 追求創新的品牌哲學,共同合作以 “Dragon 龍” 為主題之設計 T恤。讓消費者對GIORDANO品牌形象的提升,更為GIORDANO創造更多精彩的火花及話題。

Department Service
以龍為主題,卻顛覆龍的基本意象,讓每件薄薄衣服,宛若有了靈魂的重量。此[D-WEAR] 系列商品共分為: Kids Talk 童言童語、Illusion虛實意趣、 Mask 奇幻龍紋、Landmark 文化探險、Sky 太空漫遊五大類別,以多樣面貌及設計角度,重新詮釋龍的角色。利用細膩筆觸結合東方元素,幽默反思的生活趣味,呈現出融合時尚感與美學品味的龍圖騰,並揮灑出專屬於龍年充滿張力的冒險旅程。Corporate Intro
In celebrating the arrival of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Giordano and DEM Inc. infused creativity and imagination with Giordano’s brand philosophy of pursuing innovation to jointly design the Dragon themed T-shirt. By applying everyone’s boundless imagination and incorporating numerous ingenious creative ideas, each consumer who wears the D-WEAR collection will be able to roam free in the world of creativity! In addition to enhancing Giordano’s brand image among consumers, it will also spark further hype and talk of the town.


Department Service
The DEM Inc. design team has created Giordano’s dream armor, where the T-shirt breaks away from the convention of being a mere garment to sculpt an emotional silhouette desired by adults and children. Although it is inspired by the dragon theme, it nonetheless overturns the fundamental imagery of the dragon, so that each thin garment is endowed with soul. D-WEAR collection is divided into five themes such as Kids Talk, Illusion, Mask, Landmark and Sky, where diverse appearance and design perspective are utilized to re-interpret the role of the dragon. Using a fusion of delicate strokes, Oriental elements, humorous and introspective delight in life, a dragon image combining fashion, aesthetics and taste is formed. This portrays the dramatic, adventurous journey that is exclusive to the Year of the Dragon.


Giordano’s “Roaming of Creativity/Dazzling Summer Wear” D-WEAR collection was unveiled and marketed online in a series of promotional campaigns in May 2012. The product line has received favorable response from the consumers and channel stores, while the overall brand image and favorable impressions have also been enhanced, generating a new wave of sales growth.