Corporate Intro
Ermenegildo Zegna品牌為世界一級高端男仕西服品牌,對於自家產品一向自豪,鮮少與外界合作設計。Ermenegildo Zegna對於高品質的要求,進一步希望可融合中華文化的因子來代表大中華市場的獨特性,藉以展現Ermenegildo Zegna品牌對於大中華市場之重視。

Department Service
橙果設計提供三個不同方向概念的設計,分別從 目標對象 / 產品功能 / 服務,三方著手設計。確認以card holder款式進行設計細化; 期間,雙方對於設計之製作的工序與細節多方討論,錙銖必較此設計之尺寸,材質,顏色,充份展現對於產品品質感及自身的精準要求。Corporate Intro
Ermenegildo Zegna is the world’s premier high-end men’s suit brand and seldom collaborates with other designers due to its proud heritage. This year, the brand’s 101st anniversary coincides with the renovation of its Taipei 101 store into a two-story flagship store; DEM Inc. is honored to be given the opportunity to attend the grand event and design the VIP gift for Ermenegildo Zegna. The gift’s design will be conducted in conjunction with the marketing event promotions, where a dialogue will be held with the consumer public through the online community. Such a consumer-oriented marketing approach is rare for a well-established luxury brand.
Therefore, besides the necessity to conform to Ermenegildo Zegna brand image, the product design must also cater to the brand’s stringent demand in high quality, as well as the preferences and habits of the VIP group. Furthermore, it is also hoped that it will present the uniqueness of the Greater China market by the infusion of Chinese cultural elements, thereby demonstrating Ermenegildo Zegna emphasis on Greater China. Process


Department Service
VIP Gift and Packaging
DEM Inc. has always been familiar with the high-end fashion market; however, Ermenegildo Zegna is not just a luxury product brand, because in terms of brand management, the Zegna family values the creation of marketing buzz more than other boutique brands. Ermenegildo Zegna perceives great importance in whether the quality of each product sufficiently warrants its reputation; hence DEM Inc. focused our design direction on the embodiment of the brand culture and the infusion of Chinese cultural elements.
We construct the design based on 3 keystones of the brand – main consumers (business persons)/product functionality/related servicing.
The card holder was selected for the VIP gift design. During the design process, both parties engaged in discussions on numerous designs and manufacturing related details; colleagues from EZ’s marketing department visited Taiwan on several occasions to discuss with the design team of DEM Inc. on issues such as design dimension, material, and color. DEM Inc.’s design team truly appreciated Ermenegildo Zegna precise demands in product quality and self-requirement.
DEM Inc. tirelessly finished the necessary design adjustments and revisions within four weeks, while assistance concerning manufacturer consultation and sample product creation was also provided to Ermenegildo Zegna. Through the sample product, both parties were able to repetitively revise the design drawing. After the final product design was confirmed, the packaging and event invitation card designs were also implemented.