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中化健康360 / 系列產品包裝設計
在新品牌設計上,以中國化學製藥的核心價值:研發、生產360度全方位的藥品,做為OTC品牌的縱軸,命名為『中化健康360』。此外,兼顧品牌年輕化與延續傳統的需求,在企業識別標誌上,利用簡約線條將燒杯變成新形象的主視覺。Corporate Intro
China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a well-established world-class pharmaceutical manufacturer with decades of experience, and is the largest in Taiwan. Due to the implementation of the National Health Insurance scheme in Taiwan, the pharmaceutical industry is now focusing on the non-prescription Over-the-Counter (OTC) drug market to improve profit margins. To this end, the client wanted to create an all new health brand to boost brand awareness and recognition in general consumer channels, while retaining the sense of history associated with CCPC.


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The DEM team visited drugstores in northern, central and southern Taiwan, and found that drugs were displayed in disorganized ways on the shelves. Most used text to describe their properties and had identical packaging causing local drugs to lack the cohesive identity of international pharmaceutical companies. Consumers want to be able to quickly and simply select the drugs they wish to buy. Specific colors were thus assigned to specific product effects. By adding simple and easy to understand symbols, consumers could tell a product’s characteristics at a glance without having to read the text.
For the new brand design, DEM drew on CCPC’s core values of “R&D” and “produce the full 360-degree range of pharmaceuticals” as the basic concept for the OTC brand, and came up with the name “Better Life 360″. To balance the need for a youthful image while retaining the company’s traditions, a stylized beaker was selected as the new corporate logo.
A clear identity was established for the new ” Better Life 360″ brand and its wide range of pharmaceutical products, boosting product differentiation and competitiveness in the market. Distribution was successfully expanded to major drug store chains in Taiwan, greatly increasing product sales and the client’s brand recognition.