Corporate Intro
“穿一雙舒適的鞋是很重要的”是 CAMPER 一貫對生活的構想、是對鞋子的基本概念、更是創意的發揮。CAMPER的 精神是一種生活方式、是一雙有獨特風格的鞋子。與國際之名品牌合作最大的挑戰是既要達到原品牌的訴求又能同時體現橙果設計的精神。

Department Service
2011 鳯凰囍鞋
再者,鳳凰有於灰燼中重生的意境,再加上在中國的民間習俗上亦有離別之意; 因此在整個故事架構下,橙果設計希望能夠以”鳳凰重生的寓意來表示揮別過去,踩著幸福的步伐迎接未來”的正面思維賦予這個設計的精神。Corporate Intro
The biggest challenge of collaborating with well-known international brand is to accomplish the appeals of the original brand while embodying DEM Inc.’s design spirit. The time from accepting the project to design completion took only one month; this project not only challenged the creative process of DEM Inc.’s design team, but was also a race against time.
To convert Chinese culture into a manner which can be appreciated by the Western world, while ensuring all the details allow people to understand the spirit of the story and conform to modern meaning proved to be the most difficult aspect of the project.


Department Service
From the outset, DEM Inc. clearly identified Phoenix as the overarching design theme, the reason being that phoenix is not something exclusive to the East, as there are also many phoenix related mythologies in the West, the theme easily induces resonance.


Furthermore, phoenix possesses the meaning of rebirth and it also symbolizes parting of people in Chinese folk customs; therefore, under the structure of the story, DEM Inc. intends to utilize the phoenix’s significance of rebirth to move on from the past and welcome the future with footsteps of happiness. This was the design’s central philosophy.
Since the shoes are available for men and women, therefore, the story of male and female phoenix is used as the backdrop to infuse a touch of romance to the seemingly stern mythology, so as to enrich the product with more colors and make it more comprehensible and acceptable to modern people. As a result, the painting based on such theme is embodied on the shoes.


The position of the motif takes into consideration of the brand’s understated, simple style; therefore it was designed in the inner lining and insoles, which in turn echoes with the Chinese people’s gentlemen disposition of “The Greatest Talents are Often Hidden and Inconspicuous.”
The shoes will be launched in winter/autumn of 2011 and 2012.