Corporate Intro
BUICK 為 GM 旗下的百年品牌,在美國有著無可取代的經典地位,也獲得多位總統與好萊塢明星之鍾愛,但是卻無法在臺灣市場獲得相同的重視。 BUICK 希望藉由在地化的設計,創造明顯差異化區隔,進而滿足消費者對於量身打造、手工訂製的 BTO 獨特專屬感,重新喚起臺灣消費者對 BUICK 經典品牌定位的印象。

Department Service
車子的量產必須經過嚴格的安全規定審查,所有的設計必須符合最高等級的檢驗,包括 :
1. 防火
2. 防曬
3. 衝擊
4. 視覺反光干擾
DEM 團隊於材質挑選或外型設計須符合上述條件,但仍需兼顧人體工學方便性、使用安全性與時尚流行感。
DEM 以完整且強烈的 CASA 概念,精心營造車內空間氛圍;以打造行動中的精品旅館為設計發想。為了讓概念車的空間體驗延伸至車體之外,更進一步設計 BUCIK CASA 系列精品配件,從使用者手冊到符合 BUICK 時尚的公事包、領帶等,皆以相同的設計概念貫穿。將時尚的室內空間與配件,整合為完整的品牌體驗– BUICK CASA 。Corporate Intro
BUICK is a 100-year old brand and a part of the GM family. In the US, it is renowned for producing classic cars that were favored by presidents and Hollywood celebrities. It has, however, struggled to achieve the same level of recognition in Taiwan. BUICK hoped that localized design and differentiation will help create that exclusive hand-built BTO appeal that consumers expect, and re-establish BUICK’s status as a classic brand among Taiwanese consumers


Department Service
When the DEM team studied the market trends, they found that it was necessary to establish a connection between the luxury mansions familiar to Taiwanese consumers with BUICK’s understated opulence, In order to create a new classic.
A mass production vehicle also had to go through stringent safety reviews and meet the highest quality standards for:
1. Fire resistance
2. UV resistance
3. Impact
4. Glare
Apart from these constraints, DEM also had to take ergonomics, safety and style into consideration when selecting the materials to use or changing shapes.
The result was the total CASA concept that was designed to make a forceful statement on the interior ambience. The design theme was to create a mobile boutique hotel. To extend the concept car’s spatial experience beyond the physical vehicle itself, DEM also designed a series of BUICK CASA themed boutique accessories including user manuals, briefcases and ties. This made BUICK CASA complete brand experience that combined fashionable interior space with fashionable personal accessories.
The design & development process was very challenging because existing safety regulations and mass production constraints made changes difficult. DEM’s dedication to innovation, however, realized an automobile design project that was unprecedented in Taiwan in terms of scope and flexibility. Not only did it successfully integrate the boutique hotel concept into the interior design to create the ultimate in driver comfort, but also developed and made use of special materials, taking the Taiwanese automobile industry to a new level.
This new concept car was unveiled at the start of 2007. It completely overturned BUICK’s reputation for being a staid brand among Taiwanese consumers, and re-emphasized the “New Buick” brand spirit. It also generated a wealth of marketing themes and media interest for BUICK.