Corporate Intro
在幾家機車大廠壟斷的市場上,在強調速度與性能的機車造型越來越難差異化情況下,勢必很難突破重圍,因此,AEON為了完成夢想及事業版圖,需要新的觀點及新的思維來打造一台足以抓住眾人眼光的機車,因此,促成AEON 與橙果設計合作的契機。

Department Service
橙果設計從三個面向將Co-in品牌訴求進行定位,-TA女性(感性族群),- USP機車時尚個性的詮釋,- Consumer Benefit 找回移動中的時尚浪漫。
Co-in以” 一個人的移動時尚”為主題進行設計,主要在呈現”思想、人文、語言、隨著我們的形體穿梭在城市間”之概念。
在機車市場內, 消費者對新興品牌較難以產生記憶與信心, 再加上三大車廠的壟斷環視下, 單靠新奇的產品視覺效果或強調機車的性能實在難以引發市場共鳴。傳統的行銷手法已無法讓AEON突破重重困境, 該如何以更多元與層次感的的整合行銷手法, 讓品牌與新商品在推出時能成功連結消費市場, 才是AEON的贏面。
2010/10 第一家台北展銷中心開幕
2011/2 全球發表會於台北八里舉行。小型速克達:CO-iN 110/125正式上市。Corporate Intro
Although international oil prices skyrocketed in 2008, it did not have a direct impact on Taiwan’s motorcycle sales volume; rather, people abandoned four-wheel modes of transportation and adopted two-wheel motorcycles. With several major manufacturers dominating the market, and with the styling emphasizing speed and performance, the motorcycles on the market are becoming increasingly difficult to be differentiated, and it will be difficult to make a breakthrough. Therefore, in order to complete its dream and expand its business territories, AEON required new perspectives and thinking to create a motorcycle that will successfully grab the public’s attention; consequently, this has generated the opportunity for collaboration between AEON and DEM Inc.
According to DEM Inc.’ s analysis, from YAMAHA’s Vino to the CUXI in 2006, these fashionable 100cc motorcycle models have seized 78.9% of the market, and motorcycles emphasizing fashion continues to flourish on the market. Therefore, the positioning of the co-in series will be fashion-oriented; despite the fact that major manufactures have already begun to finitely promote this market, their heavy burden originate from the excessive emphasis and reliance on the quantity of their mainstream models.
DEM Inc. believes that AEON’s opportunity will be derived by enhancing the 60% achievement of the major manufacturers into 100% of their self brand, and to transform such weakness into opportunities for launching the new co-in brand through precision product positioning.


Department Service
After examining the development of the competitive products on the market, evidence shows that, just like luxury fashion items, when function has been satisfied, the motorcycle needs to take on emotions and feelings. When the motorcycle has evolved from a transportation tool to a lifestyle accessory, will the definition of motorcycle be the same as what we perceive it to be?
After conducting market analysis, DEM Inc. discovered that females will continue to play a key role in the consumer market.
Under the circumstance where over 60% of car purchase decisions are made by women, even the design and marketing approach of cars (traditionally a man’s toy) have changed. Facts prove that in male decision oriented market conditions, as long as females (or broadly defined perceptual consumers) are captured, the brand effect and reputation that surpasses all expectations will be achieved.
DEM Inc. performed positioning of the co-in brand from three fronts: TA=women (perceptual population), USP=Interpretation of the motorcycle’s fashionable personality, Consumer Benefit= Re-discovery of the fashionable romance of moving.
Co-in draws design inspiration from the theme of An Individual’s Mobile Fashion, with emphasis on presenting the concept of Thinking, Culture and Language shuttling in the urban environment with us.
As retro and cute are already outdated, and the most popular cartoon has become the semi-surrealistic Takashi Murakami, reinterpreted femininity is now the mainstream. The equal proportion of retro and future, unisex squares and delicate circles will compose the most urbane motorcycle fashion.
In terms of body design, the emphasis is placed on the narrow body construction; the square body with large volume caters for cargo loading needs, while the body components comprise a perfect balance between ingenious squares and circles to present the exquisite, tasteful design.
2010/10           Inauguration of the first sales and exhibition center in Taipei
2011/02           Global unveiling held in Bali, Taipei. Small scooter: CO-iN 110/125 officially launched.
2011/03           First wave of TVC launched.