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在中國, 米蘭米藍曾經是“上流時尚”的指標, 任何注意潮流的消費者, 都會想要去店內朝聖, 買一付讓別人“看的見”的眼鏡, 但現在米蘭米藍只是一家單純的“貴”眼鏡店, 並不再具有任何的身份價值, 也導致競爭力逐漸的消失.

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LOGO靈感, 來自於米蘭大教堂的彩繪玻璃, 金黃配色象徵著太陽的光芒,代表米蘭米藍在業界的領導地位。

空間部分, 則將歐式建築的藝術氣息, 以現代復古手法(Retro Modernism)把米蘭米藍的時尚品味展現出來。Corporate Intro

In China, the Milanno Optical Boutique was once an indicator of haute couture. Any consumer who paid attention to the latest trends would have wanted to take a pilgrimage to the store and get themselves a pair of eyewear that just screams for attention. However, Milano Optical Boutique has now turned into an eyewear store that is simply “expensive” and has lost all of its identity values. Consequently, the store has gradually lost its competitiveness.

And as such, Formosa Optical Group China has commissioned DEM to redesign the logo and business space that are befitting of the store’s brand spirit so as to deliver a fresh image for the brand to the consumers and return Milano Optical Boutique to its leading status. The client also wanted to instill new energy into the brand to attract new customers.


Department Service

The DEM team felt that the identity that Milanno Optical Boutique defined for itself is “the Cat Walk of Brands”, just like the fashion shows in Milan, Italy where all international brands could blend in so that consumers can take on a “foreigner’s perspective” in viewing of the products. And as such, the focus of design utilized many western elements to infuse the feeling of “Milan” in the design.


Take the inspiration for the logo as an example – the colored glasses from Milan Cathedral represent the brilliance from the sun with its golden hue, symbolizing Milanno Optical Boutique’s leading status in the industry.

As for spatial design, the DEM team adopted techniques of retro modernism to recreate the artistic qualities of European buildings in the styling of Milanno Optical Boutique’s store space.


In addition, the team has also designed a special Cat Walk for eyewear that features black, white, and gold as the stage for high-end spectacles to accentuate the unique features of this exquisite eyewear.


With comprehensive design planning that covered the logo, office products, retail space and display paraphernalia that left no gap in the overall atmosphere, patrons would be able to blend into the environment at Milanno Optical Boutique with ease and experience the professionalism and class of the store before being drawn to the value of each pair of eyewear that has been uniquely displayed.