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選用典雅的金色,襯托出代表中國喜慶的紅,同樣運用王德傳經典茶罐形狀創造出禮盒上的視覺重點,充分讓打開這個禮盒的收禮者感受到年節氣氛。Corporate Intro
Wang De Chuan has always been about a refined and elegant brand experience. How to convey this sophistication in a youthful way without changing the message was the main challenge in this project. With Asian gift culture placing great emphasis on both formality and face, the design magnifies the act of opening the gift itself as a way of conveying value and consideration.


Department Service
DEM retained the original colors, graphics and simple elegance that characterizes Wang De Chuan. Chinese Red, given its connotations of festivity and warmth, was then used to give the gift box a bold impression and to revitalize existing brand elements.
Mid-Autumn Gift Box
A die-cut silhouette in the shape of a classic tea can holds the opening lid closed. The act of closing and thus completing the box cover not only symbolizes the bond between giver and receiver, but also of the harmony characteristic of Mid-Autumn festivals.
New Year Gift Box
Red and gold are the primary colors for this gift box design. To add a layer of ritual to the act of gift opening, a tag in the shape of Wang De Chuan’s tea can becomes the primary element holding the box closed.


The design resulted in brisk holiday sales, introducing not only the brand to consumers, but also the culture of tea as well.