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在邁入2010年的台灣,每個人都在緊追國際化的腳步, 台灣亦是, 為TTL重新點燃新生命、與世界接軌。
改變,台灣。從經典的台啤酒罐開始,延伸台啤酒罐的長久來的波浪條碼,將全系列的酒罐統合,轉化成時尚的台啤圖騰表現。Corporate Intro
TTL boasts a more longstanding history more than that of the Republic of China. From Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau to a state-owned enterprise, its corporate culture and spirit require revitalization and inspiration into a grander and more substantial scale.


Department Service
Faced with an ever expanding and liberating market economy, TTL searched for the will and aspiration to make changes and reforms during the ROC Centennial. With TTL’s CIS out of step with the contemporary trend, its product development strategies resulted in inconsistent brand identification and image as well as inefficient utilization of marketing resources. These are the challenges that must be mended and changed through in-depth reform.

Through rectification of the CIS, we suggested TTL to ascertain traits that can support TTL’s position as the most iconic Taiwanese brand. Through product development by various business units and recommendations for packaging design, we strived to enhance TTL’s brand reputation and identity considerably. With succinct, effective marketing and advertising strategies that cater to the market trends and consumer behaviors, we will seek a solution for the unbalanced mind share and market share.

Yushan Kaoliang

DEM Inc.’s design team elongated the original bottle and bottleneck design of the Yushan Kaoliang to make it more succinct and minimalistic visually. At the same time, color-coding is applied to the bottle label in order to differentiate the different items and grades while preserving the visual consistency of the brand. The main design concept is to accentuate the Yushan Kaoliang’s Taiwanese identity and its brewing artisanship.

Guangzhou Asian Games Print Advertisement Design

Taiwan Beer is a leading beer brand in Taiwan, as well as an essential beverage for tourists visiting Formosa.

Capitalizing on the opportunity of Taiwan Beer’s sponsorship of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the exclusive design appeared in various mass media and vehicle advertisements. The main theme of Taiwan Flavor, Taiwan Sentiment seeks the appeal of tasting all wonderful things in Formosa by popping the cap of Taiwan Beer. The refreshing, bubbling foams of the beer are used to connect the characteristics and picturesque sceneries of Taiwan and Formosa; no unnecessary words are needed to interpret and appreciate such sentiment!

Taiwan Beer Can Collection Design

During 2010, people in Taiwan followed the footsteps of internationalization closely, thereby reigniting the flame of life for TTL and connecting the brand to rest of the world. Let us transform Taiwan; starting from the classic Taiwan Beer can, the wavy bar-code motif is extended to integrate the beer cans of the entire collection, transforming them into a fashionable presentation of the Taiwan Beer totem.