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橙果設計認為要突破 Hello Kitty 的領導地位,須將公仔的主軸架構於在地文化上,因為只有在地文化的深刻體驗能打動消費者的心。橙果設計強調在地文化和臺灣精神作為主要設計概念。


第一波的好神公仔創下全台累計高達 410 萬隻兌換紀錄,達到公仔熱潮之顛峰;並為全家便利商店當季創下新臺幣十億元業績新高紀錄, 2007 年獲利逆勢成長並超越同行競爭品牌,改寫便利商店公仔兌換風潮之歷史。



FamiPort Character 為橙果設計於 2008 創作,目的為推展及塑造 FamiPort 之形象。角色發想起源為「發現每個人對便利生活的渴望力量」,於是創造了一位來自夢想的使者,為了解決所有人生活不便的問題而誕生,平時就化身為店裡的機台,藏身在全台灣的全家便利店中,以神奇魔力創造出所有方便生活的服務與附加價值!Corporate Intro

The density of convenience stores per square kilometer in Taiwan is the highest in the world. Under the pressure of economic recession, FamilyMart is still the second largest convenient store label in Taiwan.


Department Service

Good God Figure

DEM Inc. believes that in order to transcend the leadership position of Hello Kitty on the market, the figure’s theme must be structured around local culture, because only local culture will touch the consumers’ hearts and leave a deep impression. DEM Inc.’s design emphasizes the main design concept based on local Taiwanese culture and spirit.

Influenced by folk custom, people’s reliance on deities are on the increase, and seeking spiritual refuge through religious belief or objects has become a trend of life. Therefore, DEM Inc. embodied deities from Taiwanese folk culture in the form of modern figures supported by background stories; furthermore, they are presented in vibrant colors and stylish lines to endow each deity with distinct touch and rejuvenate, refine their traditional images.

The first wave of Good God Figures set a national exchange record of 4.1 million pieces to take the figure collection fever to new heights. Moreover, the figures set a new sales record of NT$1 billion for FamilyMart during a single season. In 2007, FamilyMart’s profit grew in spite of unfavorable conditions and it surpassed competing brands on the market, thereby rewriting the history of convenience store figure exchange campaigns.



DEM Inc. designed FamiPort the Character in 2008 with the purpose of sculpting and promoting the image of FamiPort. The character’s design was inspired by the concept of “discovering people’s desire for convenient life”. Therefore, a “messenger of dreams” was conceived to resolve people’s inconvenient problems. Every day, the character transforms into a kiosk that is hidden in every FamilyMart store throughout Taiwan to create convenient services and added values with its magical powers!