Havaianas經過一年多的設計與故事溝通後,由橙果設計的蔣友柏操刀,以「牛郎與織女」為靈感,設計出七夕限定版人字拖,鞋面以星星圖案妝點出七夕星空,牛郎與鵲橋的牛、鵲圖樣分布於左右腳,拼湊起來正好是一幅七夕團圓圖.After a year of design and communicating the story with Havaianas, DEM Inc.’s Demos Chiang drew inspiration from the Cowherd and the Girl Weaver to design the limited edition Chinese Valentine’s Day flip-flops. The vamp consists of stars to form the starlit sky on Chinese Valentine’s Day, where the Cowherd, cow and magpies on the bridge are distributed on the left and right shoe to compose a reunion image of Chinese Valentine’s Day.