NEW Sensation
活動 原點三拍
所有產品的口味皆由謝朝鎮與蔣友柏親自研發,希望FUSION風在麵包市場裡蔚為風潮。Fusion Fashion
NEW Sensation
Bai-Mu Consultants Co. chairman Demos Chiang has collaborated for the first time with the chairman of Fast Food Co., Xie Chao-Zhen. From market analysis, brand positioning to marketing, together with DEM Inc.’s product packaging and storefront designs, Demos Chiang has injected brand new elements into Fast Food Co.’s two brands, 3Pai-top.
All product flavors were personally developed by Xie Chao-Zhen and Demos Chiang, hoping that the Fusion style will take the bread market by storm.